5 steps to a profitable classical music career

The truth to performing full time, charging what you are worth, and exactly how to build a profitable performing career.

  • Classical musicians don’t need to take multiple jobs as a teacher, administrator, corporate junkie or food server, running from one random gig to another, just to pay the bills.

  • Five proven strategies to booking high paying gigs without relying on agents, managers, fixers, and - even worse - saying “yes” to every single gig that comes along.

  • Grow a loyal audience who WANT to come back for more, no matter where they live or how much they charge them.


  • Is there a fee for this? Thank you.

    For Stephen's webinars? No fee, just 45 mins and an open mind. The actual 8-week intensive training program has tremendous value for those willing to invest in themselves, and it is an absolute bargain for the musicians who choose to take action and implement every step!

  • But does it work for classical/opera/oratorio singers...

    Yes. In fact, almost half my clients have been singers. Did you get to attend the webinar? There will be another one soon...

  • Is this only for those who are classical musicians or cover artists. It seems often these programs are really only applicable to those who are not singer/songwriter types who prefer to perform original music. Sad to say that I could b making so much more money if I would just play other people's music.

    This training i designed specifically for classical musicians, whether they perform their own music, music written for them, or "traditional" music! We are cognizant of many issues pop cover artists experience but we are not specialists in that field, so much of the material may not be relevant. Does that answer your question?! However you grow your career, thanks for making the world a better place by sharing live music :)

  • Hey Stephen could it apply to your friendly neighborhood mobile Dj? Just curious, lol!

    LOL! 🤔 There may be a way to adapt the system I created for performers who do share electronically-reproduced/ amplified music, but to be honest that's not where my own passion is, so...

  • Bro you can't "go out on a limb" and at the same time claim your method produces guaranteed results.

    Thanks for your feedback. I've actually found that nothing, ever, can be guaranteed, whether it be a product or a service! May I suggest you watch my next webinar and I'll address that exact issue.

  • You know, if you have the secret to making it big as a classical musician, how come you're banking on being the Tony Robbins of classical music instead of, you know, conducting major orchestras or soloing around the world?

    Hi - primarily because I aspire to having a greater impact in people's lives than just conducting major orchestras or soloing around the world... as do my students. And thanks for the compliment! The Tony Robbins of classical music - LOVE IT!

  • What you promise is a lot. I am a professional and know how difficult this lifestyle is. Do you have any preview videos, clips, or information that i can see before i sign up for your webinar?

    Hello - I am very familiar with professional musician lifestyles both in the UK and here in the USA. And yes, the way this industry traditionally works suggests there are no alternatives. I'm offering to share a workable set of strategies for free and would not want you to get an incomplete picture, which clearly would not benefit anyone and only feed the skepticism. Kind of like asking to hold the steering wheel of a BMW before seeing the whole car!

  • Practicing and performing is, of course, critical to long term success as a classical musician but overlooking social media and online content creation as one of the most powerful marketing tools in modern history would be unwise.

    I hear you, but don't think we're overlooking social media and online content. So far it hasn't helped too many classical performers, if any, get performing work or get paid for their performances. I tend to focus on what does work currently for performers who don't want to become social media/ online content creation experts.

  • Why didn't they tell me this before I went to dental school?

    I know, right? It's because "they" don't even know themselves!